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Topographic survey

To complement our minerals/waste and ground investigation services, we have established an experienced in-house survey team based in our Nottingham office. Our team uses high performance Trimble Total Station and GPS (global positioning systems) systems that are coordinated to the Ordnance Survey National Grid and Ordnance Datum levels.


We offer comprehensive land surveys and mapping services; including topographic surveys; active quarry surveys; quarry layout and borehole drilling set-out surveys.


All our surveys are processed in 3D modelling software, enabling detailed excavation/ bund or tip design; volumetric analysis; and restoration design reporting. 

3D Modelling & Visualisations

3D Visualisations

3D modelling and visualisations are powerful tools for communicating development proposals in a non-technical and compelling way. They are particularly helpful in consultations with the public and regulators. With the assistance of our highly skilled team, many of our clients have seen first hand the benefits of visualisations. 

Using LSS software by McCarthy Taylor, we are able to produce detailed and lifelike to scale 3D models of existing and proposed developments, which can be used to provide still images or 3D fly-throughs (movies) which take the viewer around the model on a predetermined flight path.

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