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Quarry Geotechnics

Geotechnical Assessments & Safe Working

Following the introduction of the Quarries Regulations by the Health & Safety Executive in 1999, all quarry operators are now required to carry out regular Geotechnical Appraisals of their sites, and where necessary a formal Geotechnical Assessment. 


In late 2008 the Health & Safety Executive stated the importance of ongoing review and update of Geotechnical Assessments, and its intention to step up enforcement of this integral aspect of quarry management.

Greenfield Environmental's Geotechnical Assessments are carried out using a simple to understand risk assessment protocol, supported by analysis using software such as Dips, Slide, Rocplane and Rocfall. A comprehensive report is issued which contains all relevant geotechnical hazard information, recommended remedial works and clearly presented maps to facilitate day to day quarry management and decision making.

Greenfield Environmental has particular expertise in the preparation of supporting documentation including:

  • Geotechnical appraisal of active sites

  • Geotechnical assessment of significant hazards

  • Geotechnical aspects of quarry development

  • Preparation of Excavation and Tipping rules

  • Advice on design and operation of tips and lagoons

Greenfield Environmental regularly provides geotechnical and hazards recognition toolbox talks on-site for quarry management, staff and site contractors.


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